Leong's Tea House

In November 1963, David Leong opened Leong’s Tea House, a 350-seat white-tablecloth restaurant on the suburban fringe of Springfield, Missouri in what had once been a cornfield. The restaurant was widely loved by the people of Springfield. With the success of David’s iconic dish Cashew Chicken, people came from all around the United States to try Springfield Style Cashew Chicken, and many other Cantonese inspired dishes that The Tea House offered.

Following the success of Springfield Style Cashew Chicken and the success of the Teahouse, a number of cashew-chicken-centric restaurants followed Mr. Leong’s lead. By the 1970s, the Leong family's dish had become such a part of the Springfield culinary scene that there were literally hundreds of Chinese restaurants serving their version of cashew chicken, and many still do today.

Though Leong's Teahouse was closed in 1997, Leong's Asian Diner, now comes forward with a blend of time-tested and innovative cuisines, with respect of tradition and culinary know-how, to offer Springfield something new and exciting without pretentious terminology and exorbitant prices. The Leong family’s new venture comes forward into this millennium with a blend of inventive flair and experience very few can emulate.